Holley meters selected for SIT

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30 June 2015 – London England. Holley meters selected for SIT

The Data Communications Company have today released details of the metering devices that will be used during the Systems Integration phase of testing the DCC environment. Holley Metering will be providing 3 meter variants to the DCC for SIT – two electricity meters and a gas meter. The meters will be used as part of the end-to-end testing process for the DCC’s system in preparation for next years “go-live” when the UK Smart Meter roll-out will begin in earnest.

“We’re delighted to have been selected for the SIT process which we believe is a recognition of the development work Holley has already done on its SMETS2 meter products” said Steve Roberts UK Sales and Marketing Director for Holley Metering. “We hope to continue supporting the DCC through the SIT programme in order to ensure the earliest possible live date for the production system” he added.

Holley Metering is one of China’s largest meter manufacturers and currently supplies electricity meters to more than 50 countries around the world. The UK operation has been set up to explore the opportunity presented by the UK Government’s smart meter programme which will see more than 50 million new gas and electricity meters installed over the next 5 years. Holley is developing a range of SMET2 compliant gas and electricity smart meters for the UK market.

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