Holley Tech is one of the largest and fastest growing smart meter manufacturers in the world. Here are some of the key building blocks we think are crucial for long term success in this competitive and expanding market:


Holley Group

Holley Tech is part Holley Group, one of the top 300 private companies in China. Being part of a well established group of companies gives us a strong financial standing and access to world class R&D, know-how and manufacturing facilities.

This gives us the opportunity to leverage economies of scale, to have a longer term view and make strategic investments in technology, manufacturing and market presence.

Holley Group HQ and Campus in Huangzhou, China


Manufacturing and Logistics

Holley Tech is one of top 5 smart meter manufacturers globally. Our clients include China State Grid, EON, EDRF, Saudi Electricity Company.

As part of our on-going commitment to our clients we are expanding our regional presence. We already have manufacturing plants in China, Uzbekistan, Thailand and Russia. Additional new facilities are under construction in Mexico and China.


Advanced R&D

We have a highly skilled and strong R&D department with 300 people working on smart meter development alone at our Hangzhou headquarters.

Additionally we have separate research and development teams focusing on individual market requirements, working closely together with our in-country account teams.


300 people focusing on smart meter development


Next Generation Smart Manufacturing

Our new fully automated factory is under construction in Huangzhou and will be fully operational in summer 2018.

This next generation production facility is utilizing latest Smart Factory 4.0 technology supplied by Siemens and designed to fulfill the stringent European quality requirements as well the anticipated surge in delivery volumes.


New Smart Factory 4.0 facility under construction in Huangzhou