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Holley Group

Holley Group worldwide operations

Holley Group is one of the top 300 private companies in China. Based in the historic city of Hangzhou, Holley employs over 11,000 people in a variety of market sectors including pharmaceuticals, bioenergy and metering. Holley Metering has been manufacturing meters since the 1970’s and is one of the largest supplies of electricity meters to China State Grid, the National energy company. Holley Technology also exports meters to around 50 countries in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

Holley is a diversified global manufacturing company that consistently actives in many fields, including pharmaceuticals, smart grid and new energy technologies. Under the umbrella of Holley Group, there are three A share listed companies, Kunming Pharmaceuticals, Wuhan Jianmin Pharmaceuticals and Huazhi Holdings. We also take a majority stake in A share company Kaichuang International. Zhejiang Huazheng New Material Co., ltd as a subsidiary of Holley Group has already filed for an initial public offering. Holley is dedicated to becoming a company that is well recognized and respected by employees, shareholders, clients and society.

Holley Technology

Holley Technology, provider of complete solution of energy metering products & system solutions utilities companies all over the world  is Headquartered in Hangzhou.

Holley Technology is a subsidiary of Holley Group, currently employing 3150 employees, with annual turnover of 365 million USD.





Holley Technology UK

Holley UK design and support team
Holley UK design and support team

Holley Technology UK Ltd was set up in 2012 to address the opportunity presented by the UK Government’s smart meter roll-out programme.

Over the next few years over 50 million gas and electricity meters will be replaced by new smart meters offering consumers an end to estimated bills and a chance to control and monitor their spending on energy in real-time. Holley Technology UK supplies a range of gas and electricity meters based on the UK SMETS2 standards.

Holley aims to be a leading supplier of smart metering equipment, helping energy suppliers to meet the ambitious goals of the UK scheme.

Holley Technology has a strategic partnership with GoldCard http://en.china-goldcard.com so that Holley Technology UK supplies GoldCard smart gas meters for the UK smart meter (SMETS2) market.